Get Professional Commercial Concrete Restoration Services

As tough and solid as your concrete is, there will come a point when it will need repairs. At Dade Construction Corp., we specialize in concrete crack repairs, wall reinforcing, spalling concrete structural repairs, balcony slab edge repairs and expansion joint repairs. Our team will get in, complete the work, and be done with minimal interruption to your daily activities.

Due to the salinity levels in South Florida’s coastal regions, concrete structures often need maintenance and repair work. We can provide you with a solution. We have the experience and technical skills to help you maintain new structures, prevent building deterioration, and address any water penetration problems you may face.

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How Does Damage Happen?

Throughout the year, building faces and concrete slabs will expand and contract as the temperature and weather changes. This can lead to stress and eventually cracks and breaks the concrete. If the deterioration in the concrete is not corrected as soon as possible, the problems can grow, which increases the cost of repairs and can potentially lead to a dangerous situation.

Renovations and Structural Repairs

Qualified concrete reinforcement services can effectively deal with this situation and restore the structure’s integrity and aesthetic appearance. This is critical for the safety and appearance of any commercial building.

At Dade Construction Corp., we provide foundation repair, concrete crack repair, concrete waterproofing, and more.

Repairing damaged and deteriorated structures requires a different approach than pouring concrete into a fresh site. We analyze the site and then determine which approach will provide the strongest and most effective solution for your problem.

If the concrete has deteriorated too much, and a simple repair will be insufficient, we can remove and replace entire slabs. This process involves stabilizing the structure and ensuring that absolutely no deteriorated concrete is left behind.

Take advantage of our concrete crack repair services before a little problem becomes a serious concern. Contact us today to get started.