Congratulations on your business success.

Whether your business is a booming start-up that now can support its own brick and mortar building, or your company has been growing and has outgrown its current location, its success and growth can be hindered by a slow and overpriced building project.

Maybe you’re opening up a school that you plan to open in a year or so.

Whether you’re opening a business to bring in revenue or a school bringing in new students, the sooner you open your doors, the faster you can make your organization succeed.  

You can’t afford to get behind schedule and go over budget with any general contracting company in Fort Lauderdale.

Dade Construction is Florida-based construction company with many years of commercial and educational building construction in Fort Lauderdale. We have worked on business offices, warehouses, retail buildings, medical office, and educational buildings. We also provide specialized commercial services.

Regardless of whether your construction projection is large and complex or small and simple, we’ll work with you throughout the whole process from planning to the finishing touches post-construction completion.

We’re committed to finishing your Fort Lauderdale commercial construction project on time and within your budget.

To get a better idea of what our professionals at Dade Construction can do, check out the build we did in Fort Lauderdale, check out the intimate, quaint storefront of Hoffman’s Chocolates.

At Dade Construction, our Fort Lauderdale general contracting company is your one-stop-shop for your pre-and post-construction management as well as everything in the middle. We also offer property management services so your company can keep your new space looking and functioning great.

Our Services

The construction areas we offer clients include:

We have done extensive work in the Fort Lauderdale area, and are familiar with the building codes, topography and culture in this beautiful Florida neighborhood.

Your time, and, well, money, is precious. Don’t lose out on making profits because your doors are closed.

Contact us at Dade Construction today to schedule a consultation and get an estimate.