Planning and Building for Your Unique Needs

At Dade Construction Corp., we work with business owners and facility managers on a wide range of industrial remodeling services. Whether you are retrofitting a building for a new production line or you only need to make a few improvements to the structure, we can help.

Manufacturing buildings have different requirements than many other commercial buildings, simply because of the materials and products they work with. We can meet these unique demands with our services and technical experience. This may include:

Piping systems for processing manufacturing companies.

Heavy industrial ductwork.

Supplying the power to fuel, move, and light the products, materials, and power that go through the building.

Safety Measures

The construction of industrial buildings requires extreme attention to safety. Your manufacturing building remodeling contractor needs to understand all the details as well as the working parts that go into the project. At Dade Construction Corp., we have the experience and the skills necessary to create a safer working environment for your employees.

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