Work with Commercial Bathroom Remodeling Contractors

Often, a bathroom renovation is the last thing on a business owner’s list of priorities. However, if you are running any kind of commercial establishment that allows the public to visit, this is a critical aspect of your construction.

A clean, modern bathroom can say a lot about your building. Our bathroom remodeling services can help ensure that this element of your building complements all other aspects of your design.

Take a look at some of these completed projects.

Working with Experts

Our experts in tile, stone, and toilet accessories have worked on countless commercial bathrooms over the years, and can provide everything from simple renovations to complete demolition and reconstruction.

Our goal is to always keep our promises and meet deadlines no matter what the complete project entails. We have experience with automatic fixtures from every major brand and have worked closely with national providers of toilet partitions for your commercial bathroom.

Your project might include tile and stone installations, lighting, plumbing, toilets, urinals, sinks, partitions, and anything else you need to design and build a modern commercial bathroom. We’ll work with you to determine the details – everything from the number of sinks and stalls to the amount of space and lighting – to ensure that your project meets your needs and be finished on time and within budget.

Commercial Bathroom Requirements

It may seem like a relatively insignificant thing, but the fact is that if anyone in your commercial building – whether it’s an office or a retail establishment – uses the facilities and finds a sub-standard experience, they are going to tell others about it.

If it’s cramped, if the plumbing is questionable, if there is insufficient lighting, it might be time to remodel your bathroom and bring it up to the quality of the rest of your building.

Contact us today to learn more about our office bathroom remodeling services and see what we can do for you.