Preconstruction Services

Preconstruction is the method by which we can develop and prepare for the scope and costs of your project. This is a critically important phase that allows us to create budgets and schedules and have an immediately positive impact on the progress of your project.

Long before anyone begins the construction phase in the field, we assess the project-specific documents (plans/specifications). This will help us determine where you are in the project, and help us learn and understand your objectives.

Our preconstruction process will help us create a firm scope and provide you with a clear understanding of cost estimates and the projected schedule. This way, you can always make informed decisions on your project.

How It Works

We understand that with commercial properties, a lot of things depend on the full and satisfactory completion of the project for this reason, the process has two important parts:

Project evaluation

This is how we make sure everyone involved with the project understands the big picture. This is when we will look into potential value engineering and identify any unnecessary expenses that may occur during the design and construction phases, and then suggest alternative technologies that could reduce these costs without sacrificing any quality or performance requirements.


We have a lot of experience in this area, and we are accustomed to dealing with intense schedules to complete projects on time. We will prepare the schedules for you to approve, and from there we can smoothly shift into the design and build stages.

Preconstruction services for things like office renovation projects will require a site visit so we can fully understand your individual needs.

Once we have the necessary information, we will then provide an estimate, which includes the cost of materials, equipment and labor so you will have an approximate price for the project.

Contract Types Include:

  • Lump Sum
  • Unit Cost Contracts

Preconstruction Contractors Dedicated to Customer Service

At Dade Construction Corp., our vast experience and trusted relationships with subcontractors and vendors lets us provide the quality construction you expect, but it is our dedication to personal customer service that really sets us apart.

Our attention to detail and focus on maximizing our client’s dollar allows us to win in a competitive bid scenario.

We offer one of the most comprehensive construction service packages in Florida, and from these early preconstruction phases, you will be working with the same team of highly skilled individuals who will see your project through to completion.

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