Construction Management Services

Dade Construction Corp. is a team of professional construction management contractors with experience in project estimations, time and budget management, and seeing a variety of commercial building projects through to completion.

Our fee for project management is a fixed amount. Beyond the fee, all other expenses are considered “cost of work”. As a result, the owner and our company share a common objective: get the best price, from the right contractor or supplier, for the cost of the work.

In a Construction Management type approach, the owner, architect, and the construction manager work together to ensure the project’s success. It is our duty as your commercial construction management company to protect the owner’s interests throughout the construction process.

At Dade Construction Corp., we prefer this approach because it gives us the flexibility to provide additional cost savings to the owner which would not be realized in a hard-bid scenario.

Contract Types Include:

  • Cost-Plus-Fee
  • Guaranteed Maximum Price Contracts

Working with Professional Construction Management Contractors

You can take advantage of our management services to handle the overall planning, coordination and control of a construction project from the beginning stages of the project until it is completed.

This single point of responsibility helps consolidate all the communication and coordination of the project, and helps avoid some of the engineering/contractor conflicts that sometimes arise in a commercial building project.

We can help manage budgeting and scheduling as well as consult on various cost-controlling measure you may be considering. This way, we can learn more about your goals and objectives while creating new and efficient ways to get more out of your labor, materials, and equipment.

Dade Construction Corp. can monitor and document project progress, maintain communications between contractors, subcontractors, and staff, and keep you informed of all developments.

Contact us today with any question you may have or to get an estimate for your next project.