4/23/2024 – One of the greatest missions carried out by Dade Construction and our President, Jonathan Cuesta, is supporting His House Children’s Home, a faith-based organization dedicated to bringing healing and hope to children and families under its care. We had the opportunity to join His House, along with some of their children and other collaborators, in planting 692 Blue Pinwheels.

Each pinwheel represents at least two children who found refuge and healing at His House last year. This reflects the organization’s commitment to providing a secure and caring home for at-risk children and youth in need. We invite you all to learn more about this incredible organization and get involved. Being part of something so genuine has changed the lives of many people on our staff; working to improve the lives of those who will shape the future should be a mission for everyone.


2020-present – Since 2020, we have been extending a helping hand to the orphaned children of His House. Our efforts began by beautifying the homes where they reside, meticulously renovating the exteriors of these houses. We didn’t stop there; we also worked on transforming common spaces, tending to every corner with care and dedication. But our work goes beyond the physical. We have planted seeds of education and personal development, nurturing an environment where these children can thrive in every aspect. Additionally, we have consistently made donations of books, money, and other resources, actively participating in fundraising events. Thanks to the support of our volunteers and donors, we have been able to extend our compassionate embrace and together build a future full of promise for these brave little ones.

Hurricane Ian 

09/28/23 -Committed and proactive during the hurricane season, he actively participated in various initiatives to collect and clean up the debris left behind by these powerful storms. Actively participate in community efforts, assist those affected and contribute to the restoration of affected areas. Specifically, after Hurricane Ian in Fort Myers.

Operation Christmas Child

2021-present – Dedicatedly involved in the collection and donation of toys since 2021 for Operation Christmas Child, an initiative run by Samaritan’s Purse. Actively participating in the joyous endeavor of providing gifts to children in need around the world during the holiday season. Contributing to spreading love, kindness, and hope through the simple yet meaningful act of giving.

Turkey Drive

2021 – We gather and deliver food donations throughout the Thanksgiving season. These endeavors embody the spirit of all our employees, demonstrating our commitment to caring for and supporting communities. It brings us immense joy to collaborate with the most disadvantaged families so that, during these times, a sense of gratitude may brighten their lives.


2022 – We organized a special graduation party for children with intellectual disabilities. This event was not only about recognizing their academic progress, but also honoring their endurance, determination and unique talents. Each child deserves to feel the joy and pride of reaching a milestone, and our goal was to create a memorable experience that would make them feel valued and appreciated. It was a comforting occasion that reminded us of all of the importance of accepting, supporting and celebrating diversity in our community.